Fast Pen, Sweet Story

A blank page and a fast pen, early morning, no goal but to let the ink flow. I think about the nudge I felt last evening when I bit into a piece of dark chocolate, my unique teeth marks clearly sculpted. And that observation connected to my long-standing love of mystery stories. What if I disappeared and left behind this forensic bite mark? Ah, WHAT IF? A writerly question, maybe the only one that matters. What if the police found that piece of half-eaten chocolate?

An APB goes out: Missing, a white woman, blue eyes, medium build, sandy hair, dark chocolate on her lips. Looks like she left in a hurry, didn’t finish her candy. It’s good stuff–Cadbury, an old company, started in Birmingham UK in 1831 on Crooked Lane. Note the dark overtone and the word crooked. Suspicious, no? Call Inspector Clouseau. If you find her in Mesa Verde or on the Dingle Peninsula, tell her that the folks at home miss her. They found more chocolate in the kitchen. It too was good and they thought about her as they bit into it.

Well, that was fun. Now what to do with it? Nothing! I am allowed not to set a goal for every word. That attitude is commercial and I’m not. A visual artist doodles for fun, a writer writes for fun. Go, have some fun.

4 comments on “Fast Pen, Sweet Story

  1. sabaedie says:

    Good point and one I often say to people who say, why don’t you do this or that when they see my creative endeavors.


  2. Thanks, Edie, and yes, life is too short to be forever focused on the product and forget to enjoy the process.


  3. Kathleen Roberts says:

    See, now that’s a writer’s way of thinking. Hmmm, do all books start with a “what if?” One way or another?


  4. No, not all books start that way, but the question certainly lies behind many of our decisions as writers: “What if this book were set on off the coast of Florida? What if it happens in the far future after climate change has decimated the human population? What if there were a man the size of a Ken doll?


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