Karen’s background

Hi, my name is Karen Douglass. Thanks for visiting. I moved to Colorado after many years in Maine, and many before that all over the country. My big deals are writing, family, horses, dogs, genealogy, reading, (the order is random and changes day to day) and whatever catches my attention at the moment. And at the moment I am thrilled that my debut novel, Accidental Child, is now in print and in an ebook version. If you go to the “Bookshelf” page here, you’ll see all my books and where to buy them. Reviews are most welcome.

I have been writing all my adult life, mostly poetry, some fiction and creative non-fiction, as well. I taught writing at Georgia Southern, LSU-Shreveport, and Front Range Community College. I am currently a member of The Academy of American Poets, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Colorado Independent Publishers Association, and Columbine Poets of Colorado. I contribute to the News Poetry section of The Colorado Independent newspaper. You can check my publication list on a separate page here at the website. I love comments and interaction on the blog, and by email: kvdbooks@facebook.com.


Amazon Author Central: https://www.amazon.com/Karen-Douglass

Twitter: @KVDbooks

Face Book: Karen Douglass Author

Linked In: Karen Douglass


2 comments on “Karen’s background

  1. tracey dorry says:

    hi karen, i can’t find the fb page that you created for us. how do i get to it??


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