Some of you know me as a novelist (of climate fiction) and poet. Because I am also a citizen of this world I am adding this page to my website in order to help readers find climate change information. I will try hard to add and maintain sources in the following categories. Please search for the entries that show up here and check back regularly. I welcome suggestions and comments.


Greta Thunberg–

Extinction Rebellion–

James Henson. Professor of Political Science, University of Texas at Austin

Scott Kelp, Benjamin Strauss, CLIMATE CENTRAL

Woods Hole Research Center

Climate fiction:

Bibliography | Storying Climate Change

Writing for Impact: How Climate Fiction Can Make a Difference climate fiction

Energy issues:

Fracking & Drilling

Extraction techniques

Electric vehicles

Glaciers: › articles › what-are-the-effects-of-melting-glaciers

Governmental agencies:

Legal issues:

Land use

Mineral rights

Sea level rise:

USGS Scientific Investigations Map 3049: State of Louisiana

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Solar energy:

Water: Water Wars by Vandana Shiva